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2018 Reviews

NEW- Super Shox 'Premium 14' 10,000 mile Follow Up 


NEW- Kradellock's Baglox and Kapplock - Design Updates


2017 Reviews 

Super Shox 25,000 mile Follow Up and 'Premium 14' Introduction


 Redesigned Kradellock Saddlebag Security Devices


 UltraCool Reefer 2.0 Oil Cooler Follow Up


  Custom Dynamics Mini Beast 6 Air Horn - 2017  


 UltraCool Reefer 2.0 Oil Cooler 


2016 Reviews

Follow Up - Super Shox


Acousta-fil Boa-Style Muffler Packing Material 


2015 Reviews

Bagglock Saddlebag Security Devices


Custom Dynamic RSG & LTP Brake Strobes


Super Shox - Rear Shocks for HD Touring


Olympia Moto Sports Horizon Rain Suit


Custom Dynamics - Bullet Ringz 


Custom Dynamics - SMART Signal Stabilizer 

Custom Dynamics - Fillerz 


UPDATE - Kapplock & Kradellock


Custom Dynamics - Tri Bar & Plugz


2014 Reviews

No Toil Kicker - Kickstand Upgrade


Ultra Wind Blocker by Baker Built Air Wings, Inc.


Glide Air Deflector System - GADS 003 & LTTD 


Power Products by Scoop Enginnering 

King Tour Pack & Detachable Mounting Rack


Kradellock Security Device for zūmo GPS Series 


Acousta-fil Muffler Packing Material 


Custom Dynamics New MiniBeast 136 dB Air Horn  


Custom Dynamics Plasma Rods & more 


Centramatic Dynamic Tire/Wheel Balancer -

21,000 mile & final update


2013 Reviews  

 Centramatic Dynamic Tire/Wheel Balancer -

15,000 mile update

    10,000 mile Update


2012 Reviews 

Centramatic Dynamic Tire/Wheel Balancer -

10,000 mile Update


Centramatic Dynamic Tire/Wheel Balancer -

Initial Review


Glide Pro- Front Engine Mount 


Truck-Lite - Phase 7 LED Headlight & Passing Lamps


2011 Reviews

Custom Dynamics, Inc. -  

Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher,

including LED brake and turn signal lighting products


Truck-Lite / JW Speaker (aka HD) -

Updated LED Headlight & Passing Lamp Comparison


Kisan Technology - LED Headlight Modulator 


2010 Reviews 

Freedom Shields - 9" Recurved Windshield


J&M Audio - 3 Way Speaker Upgrade


 Truck-Lite / JW Speaker (aka HD) -

LED Headlight Comparison


2008 Reviews

HZF Enterprises, Inc. - Throat Microphone 


2007 Reviews 

CAT, LLC - Custom Billet Air Cleaner Cover


J&M Audio - Shortie Antenna & 2 Way Speaker Upgrade


Wheeldock, Inc. - EZ Up Center Stand 


2006 Reviews

Fullsac - True Dual Conversion Kit


 ProPad, Inc - Mini-Beast Air Horns


 Multiple vendors - LED Conversion  


Jett Performance Products - Battery Powered Heated Vest


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